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Why Floyd Mayweather will beat Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, in the anxious final seconds before Saturday’s opening bell, will be staring at the best opponent they have ever been in the ring with. That more than anything makes the fight difficult to read.
The fight itself is a toss-up. Cynically, I think Pacquiao will have to beat Mayweather decisively to get a decision but I believe he can.
Pacquiao is not the same fighter he was five years ago but much of that has to do with complacency and lack of motivation, while the only opponent capable of demanding his very best existed tantalisingly beyond his reach. He will never be the one-man wrecking crew who retired Oscar De La Hoya and nearly decapitated Ricky Hatton but he is still a blend of speed and power unlike Mayweather has faced. And he won’t be broken mentally.

Kevin Mitchell in Las Vegas Read more Mayweather has grown soft trying to protect his zero. I don’t think he has the ability to be the aggressor in a fight any more. …

Mayweather rematch claims Manny Pacquiao

It took some time for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to finally come out with a response to claims made by Manny Pacquiao in a recent Facebook live chat that the camps of both boxers are reportedly in talks of a possible rematch.
ESPN's Stephen A. Smith took the liberty of finding out the real score between the two. Smith, who has been known to have close ties with the undefeated boxer, sent a text message to try and confirm the statements made by Pacquiao in the video.
ADVERTISEMENT As expected, the flamboyant one denied any knowledge of ongoing negotiations for a possible rematch.
"It's totally false. I'm not fighting anymore" was the reported reply of Mayweather, according to Smith.
These new round of rumors tied up with a possible Mayweather–Pacquiao rematch is the second one to come out. The first one was allegedly reported inaccurately in what Top Rank Bob Arum said was a result of language barriers.

Mayweather is standing pat on his decision of retiring fr…